4-H Judging Teams

There are many opportunities for 4-H members who are interested in animal and other projects who may not have the ability to actually own that animal. Therefore, the 4-H judging teams is a perfect opportunity for youth to still get their fill of that project area! Listed below are the many judging teams available to 4-H members.  For more information, please call the Extension Office at (865) 992-8038.

Good consumer skills can help you get more for your money. Consumer Decision Making gives youth the opportunity to make wise decisions when shopping. Consumer Decision Making is a judging contest designed to teach kids to observe, compare and make consumer based decisions based on facts. 4-Hers use their consumer knowledge to rank similarly based products to fit a given scenario. Kids learn to organize their thoughts and to defend their decisions in oral reasons.

4-H Horse Judging is designed to educate youth about the different breeds, structure, riding styles, and discipline criteria.

Life Skills Judging is a program for junior high youth enrolled in 4-H. The LifeSkills regional judging activity consists of centers that incorporate various subjects in Family and Consumer Sciences.

Very similar to the horse judging team, the livestock division teaches the judging criteria based on breeding characteristics and market standards. 4-Her’s will learn to judge market and breeding sheep, swine, cattle, and sometimes goats.

This event is designed to educate youth on selecting and judging cuts of meat, identify species from which the meat is selected, as well as the cooking methods required for each. This team is excellent for individuals who work well from memorization!

WHEP is an environmental education program to teach about wildlife and habitat.

In forestry judging, students train in decision making skills related to forestry and forest management .

Land judging teams train youth in decision making skills related to soil and water conservation.