Cooking & Nutrition

Moving More

Three people on an afternoon walk

Walk the Market: 8 week walking program in partnership with Union County Farmer’s Market to increase movement and support local producers. 2022 Sponsor: Reliant Health, Inc.

Walk Across Tennessee: 8 week program empowering participants to increase movement as they track steps to “walk across TN”

Tai Chi for Arthritis, Falls Prevention, Seated Tai Chi: Tai Chi is shown to reduce stress and improve confidence in movement leading to prevention of injury and/or falls

Matter of Balance: movement program to improve balance and confidence in physical activity

Eating Healthy

An overview of various chili peppers

Adventures in the Kitchen: Interactive program teaches cooking skills, kitchen safety, and nutrition and promotes physical activity

Eating Smart at Home: eight-lesson series that encourages healthy eating, food safety, and physical activity with an emphasis on food resource management

Eat Well, Feel Well: five educational activities designed to engage older adults and teach nutrition, food resource management, and food safety. 

Easy Choices: resource to help sites make the healthy choice the easy choice. It is a collection of ready-made materials that are meant to be implemented for the benefit of site participants

Eating Smart throughout the lifecycle: five-lesson series that teaches feeding practices for babies and children from pregnancy through adolescence while encouraging healthy eating, food safety, and physical activity

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy: strength training program for older adults

Faithful Families: nine lessons to promote healthy eating, food resource management and physical activity, and guides to promote a healthy environment in the faith-based community.​​

Farmers Market Fresh: promote farmers’ markets as a source of fruits and vegetables and to increase active living