FCE Clubs

Family & Community Education Club Pledge

Esteeming it a privilege to be a member of a Family & Community Education Club I will be loyal to it methods, carefully guard its reputation and strive to increase its influence.

FCE Club Emblem

Explanation of Our Emblem

The emblem is composed of three concentric circles, which typify the county, state, and the nation.

The Hearth Fire in the center symbolizes the home and expresses the sprit of the finer attributes of the home, such as fellowship, hospitality, comfort, peace and protection.

The Oak Leaf symbolizes the strength of the home, the lamp of knowledge, the wisdom with which a home must be created, and the wheat-productivity and the richness of family and community life. This is what we as homemakers endeavor to harvest.

Around these symbols are the words HOME, FAMILY, COMMUNITY with NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR FAMILY & COMMUNITY EDUCATION in the outer circle.

Statement of Purpose

The Family & Community Education Clubs, organized under the direction of the University of Tennessee are dedicated to the purpose of helping persons become better homemakers and community members. Home Economics activities are carried out through monthly Family Community Education Club meetings; special interest activities; workshops; mass media and individual contacts. All clubs, activities and events are open to everyone regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Union County FCE Clubs

Big Ridge FCE Club-Meets theĀ 3rd Thursday of Every Month

For More Information Please Contact (865) 992-8038